Finding A Fabulous Farm

Ever since Anthony and I built our first chicken coop, we knew we wanted to someday live on some sort of farm. However, we never knew we would find one and still be living in the city, nor did I think we would have moved from our previous home so soon in our lives together. It all began on a fairly nice, sunny Saturday morning. We had a few silkie chicks that turned six months old, and one just happened to be a rooster. Since we lived in a metropolitan subdivision, we needed to keep our chicken raising hobby on the hush hush so the HOA wouldn't catch wind. If you haven't figured it out already, we needed to find the rooster a new home, and fast! After wrangling up our feathered friend, we made our way to North West Phoenix to sell him to a farm store. Little did I know Anthony had another trick up his sleeve. See, he had been looking at moving for quite some time, and he knew that I get obsessive about projects until they get done.... or I get tired of it, ha. So on our journey up North he began the conversation of moving and that he had found a house. He also mentioned it was conveniently located near our destination. After dropping off the rooster, I agreed to see the house. We did a drive-by and decided to call the realtor on the listing. Unfortunately, the house had an offer on it already, so we had decided to just drive around the neighborhoods.

On our adventure around North Western Phoenix and some of Glendale, we finally found one house we thought we might like to look at. I called my friend Jim, who was a Realtor, and he informed me he was out of town but would be back tomorrow and could set something up later in the week. Jim also gave us contact information for a mortgage lender he knew. He said he was good and that he trusted him. Steve was his name, and I can't tell you enough about the level of service we got from Steve. He took our calls on weekends and nights, and if he wasn't readily available he would call us back right away. Within one day we were pre-approved. He told us that even if we were not serious about moving, we should be pre-approved because he saw it happen many times where people missed out on their dream home because they weren't. Still, to this day, I can't thank him enough for this suggestion.

Once Jim got back in town, he set up a showing on Thursday. This house sat on one acre, needed some renovation, but had a pool (which I really really really wanted). I was so focused on this house that I never even looked at anything else. Anthony, on the other hand, had been looking at Zillow and a few other places and stumbled upon a newly renovated house that sat on just under two acres of land. Jim was gracious enough to contact the listing agent for this house as well and squeezed in a showing the same day. We were so excited for the end of the week to arrive so we could see both of the houses; it felt like it would never come to be.

Finally, Thursday had arrived. I left work and headed to meet Anthony at the one-acre house. We had a bit of time on our hands, so we decided to swing over to the two-acre property first and look at the outside. As I walked back onto the property, I had a sense of peace that rushed over me. The West side of the house had three very large ficus trees with thick canopies. Walking under them, you could feel the temperature drop by almost ten degrees, and combined with the light breeze I almost felt like I was in a different world! Anthony soon arrived and joined me in the back yard. It was riddled with scariness! The barn was filled with cobwebs, the roof was falling off, and the siding had holes in it. Beyond the fence that surrounded the immediate yard it was nothing but a jungle. Just as reality of the property started to set in, we looked at our watches and it was time for us to head to the one-acre property.

Once we arrived at the one-acre property, Jim showed up shortly and we were able to explore. We really liked the property and I LOVED the pool. We were, however, worried about rooms that looked as though they were additions and the fact the house was on a septic system. Before too long it was time to head back to the two-acre property. I remember Jim telling us before we left that "once we feel it, we will know it is the one". Anthony and I stepped through the threshold of the second listing, the one we had been to earlier but only saw the yard. Right from the moment we stepped into the house, we could not believe our eyes; the house was perfect! Everything had been remodeled to a modern decor with just a splash of country. I remember thinking, this place is perfect. That night, standing in what would become our new kitchen, we confirmed with our realtor our offer and, well…the rest, they say, is history.

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