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Our Story

An Urban Farm in the Heart of Phoenix

Experience Nature, Mindfulness, and Peace all on two acres in the middle of the bustling metropolis of Phoenix, Arizona. Our core focus for our agriculture is on regenerative farming growing citrus and stone fruits. We currently have over 100 fruit trees on our farm yielding thousands of pounds of fruit a year. 

About Arrandale Farms

Arrandale Farms is an urban farm located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. We are dedicated to providing fresh, organic produce to our community. Our farm is committed to sustainable and ethical farming practices, which means our fruits are free of chemicals and other harmful additives. We also offer unique on-property rentals that allow our guests to experience the tranquility and beauty of our farm. We are proud to be a part of the Phoenix community and we welcome you to stay with us.

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Need a vehicle while in town?

Chase Auto Rentals is located at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport offering easy and seamless rentals. Check out their website and vehicle listings ranging from economy to luxury.

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